Happy New Year!

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Hi Ladies!

I'm looking forward to a great 2013! It just feels like it is going to be great!

I am starting with another personal 100 day challenge which started yesterday. I am still plotting my professional goals. I started the year well, complete with an award from my job, but I absolutely need to figure out how to structure my time better i work from home, have not been as productive...

Hair-wise I am happy, although i'm really keeping it simple cowash-bun-oil-repeat.

I'm transitioning back to eating high raw and have been raw during the day then having dinner at night. This has worked for me in the past, but then I tried to go 100% raw and ended my love affair with raw foods, quickly! I am going back to what works and it isn't painful at all. I still need to work on upping my water intake... I've been doing strawberry water, which is nice, or putting a bit of fresh juice in my water to mask the blandness. Water is a struggle for me right now, whereas in the past it wasn't.

My current workout routine is pretty intense right now. I'm doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) M,Tu,Th,F,Sat; stretching/Yoga/Pilates on Wednesday and will start strength training Tu and Th beginning next week. I rest Sundays. I'm only going hard through March because I smell burn out with the current schedule. My college BF is now at my gym and yes, somehow that is my motivation...absolutely not telling the hubbs about that....

I hope you all are having a wonderful January!
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    Happy New Year, JoyBelle! Good luck with your 100-day challenge. Sounds like you have a great plan with great motivation. That fitness schedule is enviable. How do you like HIIT?
  2. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NJoy
    Happy New Year, JoyBelle! Good luck with your 100-day challenge. Sounds like you have a great plan with great motivation. That fitness schedule is enviable. How do you like HIIT?
    Thanks, NJoy!

    I'm really liking the HIIT workouts, but have to admit, I spend a lot of time pausing the videos or breaking when I should be going hard. It's easier for me to keep going at the gym, because it's embarrassing when the instructor calls me out for wimping out. Even when I don't finish a full video/stop in class, I get a real sense of accomplishment, and that's been keeping me going. I ended up watching a kettlebell HIIT after attempting the first exercise which let me know I am not ready for weights.
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  3. NJoy's Avatar
    Oh Honey, you are SO preaching to the choir. I can't do exercise videos at home by myself. As soon as the video gets to the part where we're on the floor, I never get back up. I spend the rest of the time watching the video. I have to workout at the gym to keep me going. I always look for that one overweight or overaged person that's still moving to keep me going. Because, then I'm saying to myself, if SHE can hang, I know I can make it! Or, I can't let her outdo me. Hey, sad but true.

    Or, I have to have a friend with me. I don't want my friend to see me whimp out first so, I'll push myself. But at home with a video? I might as well pop some popcorn.

    I wanted to try to workout in my room with Youtube tonight, since hubby is out of town but, I'm already out of gas. I just fell asleep at my laptop a few minutes ago. If it weren't for me having to get up to put my son to bed, I'd be asleep right now.

    All that said, I'm GOING to get my butt in the gym tomorrow...for sure! This is why I need fitness challenges. To challenge me.

    We can do it. At least you only pause the videos.
  4. MsDarling's Avatar
    I go through periods where water is just difficult to down, especially during cold weather.

    I've been drinking warm lemon water first drink in the mornings again and I keep a bottle of water filled throughout the day.

    Be careful with the lemon water, it will send you to the bathroom!