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First Braidout. Um...yeah.

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Last night, I decided to try a satin ribbon braidout ~ my first actual braidout attempt. I cut a piece of satin up into wide, long satin strips to braid into my hair. Supposedly, this gives a better braidout thru the ends. Well, here's what I did:

After unbraiding the hair this morning, I realized that I had a few problems. First, my hair was not completely dry in some areas. Just a little damp but it causes less definition and ensures some poof in my near future.

Also, I didn't actually make sure that my braid went down to the bottom of my hair. In some of my braids, my hair was hidden in the satin strips so, I knotted the ends prematurely. This caused me to have straight ends on a few of the sections, like so:

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But overall, for my first braidout, it did turn out pretty nice and will definitely be a great no-heat go-to style.

My curls feel soft and hydrated and will look even better as they loosen a bit over time. Here's what I got with my first attempt:

Also, in doing this style, I know that it would be much fuller if my hair were not permed at the ends and if my hair wasn't layered. That said, and with the recent success that I've had with detangling, I'm texlaxing now but, transitioning may be in my near future. Ehn. We'll see. I'm so fickle.

Anywho, first attempt. What do you think?
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