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Baggied bunning. The key to my off-the-chain retentionin 2010

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So, I'm back to what worked so well for my retention in 2010. I'm back to baggied bunning.

I've been hesitant about trying it because the last detangling nightmare during my transition that ended up with me cutting huge knots out of my hair was when I lumped my hair together. During my transition, I had to keep my hair in sections or it would tangle terribly. So now that I'm all natural and my hair is long enough to bun, I want to get back to baggy bunning because my retention was off the charts with it. I've been keeping my hair in twists but, didn't want to do this during the winter months. I want my ends completely put away.

I ended up going from twists to 4 Celie braids, to 2 buns and now, finally, one bun! When I baggy bun, I'm actually damp bunning. I've explained this before in 2010 but, let me break it down one mo' time.

After getting out of the shower with my hair still wet (and with some conditioner left in, btw), I moisturize and seal my hair right away. Since I've left conditioner in my hair (Aussie Moist), I sealed that in with jojoba oil and then, something new that I'm trying, Shea Butter Miracle (African Pride) Leave In Conditioner. I picked this up at the bss because the ingredients looked good and the smell is awesome (which comes in handy since I'm also still using the sulfur mix on my scalp).

After putting those on my wet hair, I lean forward and use my Denman to brush my edges and put my hair in a high phonytail. I hold it with one hand and brush out some of the curls with my Denman and then bun my sealed hair. From there, I took a plastic sandwich baggy (fold top not the zippered ones) and put it over my bun. I then grab the bun and the baggy and put on a terry ponytail holder over the baggy to hold it in place (so that it's only touching plastic and not my hair. That is the base for my baggied bun. On my edges, I apply a little aloe gel and apply a satin scarf to tie it down. But since I did it last night before bed, I skipped the aloe gel and applied that in the morning. It only takes about 15 mins with the satin scarf over the aloe gel to get the results I want.

So then, what do I do with the baggied bun? I cover it with a black satin sleep cap that I double over to completely cover the plastic-covered bun, and tuck the edges under as much as possible. This is the base for my styles. I can then cover that with a heavy net bun cover (because you black cap keeps the plastic from showing. You'll only see the black beneath), wrap the bun with a scarf, cover it with a faux bun wrap or wear a phonytail on top.

I think my phonytail options may be limited now that my hair is natural because my bun is so thick and juicy, even when I really scrunch it down to make it small but, most phonytails are adjustable and could still work with my bun. That's the beauty of it being wet. You can squish, scrunch and shape it better...like playdough. lol

Wearing my hair in a bun really exposes the gray strands that I've been trying to ignore for awhile. I'm still not feeling like going through the process of henna and indigo to dye 'em black so, I think I'm going to make faux bangs and a faux bun cover with Marley hair. We'll see how that turns out. If it looks good, I'll probably do a video explaining this whole process and the various ways that I wear this extremely protective style.

Oh, and I want to mention that when I damp baggy bun, it's important not to make the bun too tight because the hair left exposed will shrink as it dries. This will pull the hair tighter. So, if there's no slack in the bun, it could cause breakage at the stress point. Not using heavy bands or ponyholders helps to allow for that slack. My terry pony holder is barely holding the baggy. The baggy is actually holding the bun in place. And I also alternate my bun placement.

Another option is to make two loose baggied buns, smoosh them close to my head and cover with a textured half wig. Straight wigs will likely show the lumps caused by the buns but, I find that textured wigs do not.

Ok, so let me share some pics with you.

Here's a low baggied bun covered with a scarf (2010). I covered the bun with a rectangular scarf, twisted the ends and wrapped them around the bun. Sorry I can't get the pic bigger. I resized the original instead of making a copy.

Here's one showing from this morning (before adding aloe gel) showing the the black satin night cap doubled over and covering my baggied bun. I do have caps without the frilly edges but it doesn't really matter which I use. Oh, and look at those grays. Mah lawid.

Here's after using aloe gel and a satin scarf to lay down my edges (2010). I wore the scarf for about 15-20 minutes while I got dressed.

And a pic of a textured half wig covering my baggied buns. Note: When I wear half wigs, the entire area beneath the wig is often baggied. I wear a black cap over a baggy so that the plastic doesn't show thru and pin the wig to make sure that it doesn't slip with the cap and baggy beneath. But, I just want you to see how you can't notice the lumps that my buns make beneath the wig because it's textured. That wouldn't work on a straight wig. My head would look like Jason Vorhees. Oh, and the front of my hair is probably in loose Celie braids so that I can push my hair forward a bit without exposing my ends. I never wear hair out with half wigs.

Would you believe that this is a no hair left out half wig look too?

So, I hope that helps to make sense of the process explained in my post. I'm back to baggied bunning and I am thrilled!

Looking forward to 2013!


  1. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Hey NJoy, thanks for the post! In your experience, do you prefer nightly cowashing over cowashing in the morning? TIA.
  2. NJoy's Avatar
    I don't really have a preference. I. LOVE. cowashing! I love massaging my scalp under running water. I just love it! Especially now that my hair feels like it's bursting with curls when full of condish. And the weight of it reminds me that my hair is growing longer.

    I usually cowash in the morning because I apply my growth mix to my scalp at night. But cowashing at night is fine too. Either way, I usually go to bed with a baggied head. I try to keep the crinkling down by tying the baggy down real good with a scarf. (cue hubby looking at my side-eyed)

    If I could get away with it, I'd cowash in the morning and at night (same with hot bubble baths). I guess I just like being in the water. Hey. It's better than the opposite.
  3. Blessed1's Avatar
    I hope you do make a video. I'm still a little confused about how you hold the bun. I think I get it but I'd like to "see".

    Great post Njoy!
  4. NJoy's Avatar
    blessed1, sent you a pm