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Two months post BC

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Let me begin by saying, I LOVE my natural hair. I'm so glad that I made the decision to stop relaxing and transition to natural hair. Don't get me wrong. My hair was healthy and growing fine while relaxed. Well, that is, after I learned how to take care of my relaxed hair.

But, when I started to stretch my relaxers --that is, waiting longer periods than my normal 8 weeks to do my touch ups-- I could see the night and day difference in the thickness of the new growth and my relaxed hair. The longer I stretched, the more evident it was. And then being inspired by some thick, natural heads made me want that thickness for myself. I would stop relaxing and begin my transition to natural. I won't say it was always easy but, I hung in there and made the transition to 100% natural hair.

Now that I'm natural, I find that my hair is much easier to handle. Well...easier than dealing with multiple textures. My hair is 4a with some 4b in the crown area. I've been playing with twistouts and loving them. I never did get around to trying any sort of natural gel to define my twistouts although I did purchase flaxseeds to make flaxseed gel and I also have Ecostyler in my stash. There's just something about gel that I just don't want to bother with. Besides, it's getting cold out and I think it's time to put my hair away for the winter (hubby won't want to hear me say that. )

That said, I've decided it's time for me to revamp my regimen and make it more appropriate for natural hair. I've been researching and have decided on a hybrid between the Curly Girl and Tightly Curly methods. Curly Girl basically involves using cone-free products. Tightly Curly advocates leaving conditioner in the hair as a leave in. Well, that's a rough synopsis for now.

So, I've changed my regimen for now to the following, which seems to be working very well for me:


Co-wash 2-3x/week w/rinsing conditioner (V05 Tea Therapy, Suave Naturals Coconut are my faves)
follow w/combing conditioner (Aussie Moist) to detangle
Lightly rinse Aussie Moist and seal the rest in with oil mix (jojoba/wheatgerm/VCO), cover ends in jbco
(may use flaxseed gel on top eventually but, haven't as of yet)
Twist and allow to airdry

Still applying growth mix 3-5x/week.

Wash weekly (Nature's Gate Biotin Poo) followed by DC w/steam (homemade mix depending on what my hair needs) Then Aussie routine.

Also, will use GPB or aphogee 2min reconstructor, as needed

So far, twists have been working well for me. I love them. But, I'm planning to start wigging it for the winter. I usually baggy beneath my wigs. And to keep my plastic bag from showing through the wig, after putting on the plastic cap, I cover with a black satin cap and then the wig. This protects my hair and keeps it from drying out.

Further, when wearing 3/4 wigs, I don't usually leave any hair loose. The texture in my pulled back (and braided or twisted beneath the wig) hair usually blends with textured wigs. I may or may not wear a headband with it, depending.

But for now, I'm LOVING MY TWISTS!!! They hang nicely. I can't WAIT until they're hanging even longer.
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  1. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Looks like you have a solid reggie there you'll be where you want to be in no time flat! Thanks for posting. I do something quite similar (tightly curly - I love cones). Keep growing on!