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1 week post Big Chop and trying to get the hang of this

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I've been NJoy'g my newly natural hair. I thought I would've been playing in it a lot more than I am but, I'm still pretty hair lazy right now. I've been wearing my hair in two french braids for a few day, feeling really comfy. In fact, too comfy. This was the same hairstyle that I used to wear before I started my HHJ -- back in my really lazy days. I decided to pick up the pace a bit and throw in some cute two-strand twists. Those were fun and convenient to wear for a couple days. And today, I decided to take them out, fluff a bit and wear a twistout. Welp! Here's what I got. Whatcha think?

Yeah. I still need to play around with some new products, now that I'm fully natural. I'd like a little more shine and definition. My natural hair has more sheen than shine. Ah well. I love it still!


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  1. JoyBelle's Avatar
    That is a luscious twist out!! I really like it!
  2. MsDarling's Avatar
    Looks great, very full!
  3. GBF's Avatar
    I like it, I think it is nice.
  4. Tink's Avatar
    It's amazing! I love it!!!
  5. Serenity's Avatar
    Wow! It looks great. I love it!