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It. Is. Finished! I BC'd!!!

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I wanted to record the bc but, I couldn't find the power cord for my camera. I'll make a video with the pics later. In the meantime, I want to drop off a few pics for now. I'm SO excited! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!

I loved seeing my hair so much that I got scissor happy, making sure to get rid of relaxed and texlaxed ends. I'm in the process of twisting my hair and cutting off any long pieces I may find. I'm taking a break to update. But let me say, I absolutely LOVE my natural hair. I do!

So, I officially BC'd at 17 months post and am glad that I did. Do you love it?!
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  1. Serenity's Avatar
    Wow! Good job. It looks so beautiful and healthy. Congratulations!
  2. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Your hair looks thick, full and beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Glamorous Life's Avatar
    Looks amazing!! Can't wait to watch you grow...
  4. FoxyLocks's Avatar

    Simply beautiful!
  5. MsDarling's Avatar
    Looks great!
  6. FoxyLocks's Avatar
    Came back to take another look. Wow! I wasn't expecting all that hair for 17 months of growth. I'd better get serious about using your potion!!!
  7. mividabella's Avatar
    So pretty! So lush, so full! I love your hair in any state! NJOY it!
  8. NJoy's Avatar
    Thanks, Ladies. I'm really loving my natural hair and am pleasantly surprised by the amount and texture.
  9. PurpleBunny's Avatar
    LOVE IT!!
    Such an inspiration!!