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Well, this is it. I've decided to stop flip flopping and leaning on a false sense of security hanging on to these skimpy relaxed ends. Tonight, I plan to BC my relaxed AND texlaxed ends.

I started to do it earlier today but, decided tonight would be better. I'll have more time and will be able to record my experience.

Am I ready? I'm not sure but, I see no reason to hold off. If nothing more, it will stop the flip-flopping that I do whenever I have my hair in twists or braids. The ends look so thin by comparison that I'm almost always prompted to cut...or at least trim and inch or two. But there are other times, like when I'm moisturizing my strands, that I feel good about my length. After all, I've never been anywhere near this long pre-hhj.

Also, ridding my hair of multiple textures will make it easier for me to focus on the growth of my natural hair and maintaining it's thickness.

I have not been consistent with my growth regimen during my transition in an attempt to lower manipulation. But with those relaxed ends gone, it will be on!

And lastly, I'm excited to see what my fro is gonna look like.

So, with that said, keep an eye out. I'll be back with a video, pics and 100% natural hair. It'll be interesting seeing my true texture since I can remember. I think I've been relaxed since I was 11 yrs old, and that was a nightmare on it's own.

Today, I'm 17 months post texlax. I think I have about 4-5 months of texlaxed hair that will also be cut. So, I'll be cutting about 2 yrs worth of growth. Hmmmm.... I'll be starting completely over but, with natural hair.
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  1. MsDarling's Avatar
    Man, I need start using those turmeric masks! Your skin looks so smooth and clear.

    Totally off topic, but...Good luck with the cut.
  2. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Good luck with the BC tonight! I'll be on the lookout for the new 'do.