How to Detangle Very Tangled Matted Knotted Hair Without Conditoner

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ID:	414Knots, clumps, or masses of tangled matted hair have become leading causes of hair loss and damage in women and children. Conditioners are not designed to detangle Severely Tangled Matted Hair. Water based conditioners are made to moisturize the hair, keep it smooth and shiny; using too much can actually do the opposite for hair.
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Women are actually causing more harm to their very tangled matted hair when they use hair conditioners to detangle according to Tangled Hair Techs, Hairdressers that detangle hair. “We receive an endless number of service calls to detangle hair from women and hairdressers alike who have made knots or clumps of tangled matted hair worse, tighter, harder and stickier from using an assortment of conditioners.”

How to Steps


1. DO NOT wet the hair, this will only cause MORE tangles and breakage. First, SOAK Take Down Remover/Detangler Cream on the hair and massage deeply.

2. Next, add more of Take Down Remover/Detangler Cream to your hair just as you normally would a conditioner and make sure that your hair is COMPLETELY saturated. While the Take Down is in your hair, take a wide tooth comb and part your hair into four or more braided/twisted sections.

3. Leave one of the sections unbraided, take your wide tooth comb and comb hair from ends to roots slowly. DO NOT COMB FROM ROOTS TO TIPS!!! That will result in MAJOR breakage!! If you come across a really nasty knot,matt or tangle, the best thing to try to do is to take a (metal tip) rat tail comb and pick apart the knots and simultaneously use your fingers to untangle. That will prevent breakage.

4. Repeat step on all sections by unbraiding and combing from ends to roots. Using the Take Down Remover/Detangler prevents your hair from getting dry; however you should NEVER wet your hair or shampoo until hair is COMPLETELY TANGLE FREE.

5. Once all sections are detangled, feel free to unbraid the sections(if you want to) and rinse and shampoo.

Reminder Points

* hair is easier to detangle when dry and saturated with the Take Down Remover/Detangler.
*NEVER detangle with a fine tooth comb [ PAIN!!]
*You MUST have some patience.
*If you come across a really thick tangle, it's best to try to work through it with a metal tip (rat tail comb) and your fingers to decrease breakage. NEVER try to FORCE a comb through a tangle. The more gentle you are with it, the better.
*Never comb hair from root to tip!!! It'll cause major breakage.

Tools You Will Need

*Take Down Remover/Detangler Cream
*Wide tooth comb/ Rat tail comb(metal tip)
*Clips/scrunchies to section off hair (optional)
*A LOT of patience!!