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Henna/Indigo Success!!

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So my henna turned out fabulous! It was definitely a 2-day process, which I treated as a Spa Weekend for my hair, and well worth it!

After having stretched my texlax for 38 weeks, I was a little apprehensive about the possibility of cementing tangles into my new growth with henna. I had to find a way to be sure that my massive new growth/texlaxed hair was completely detangled. I decided to detangle and partially braid my hair to stretch it in preparation for my henna treatment. This worked fabulously!

Here's what I did:

Day 1: I washed and DC'd my hair, adding honey and molasses because I wanted to get some humectants to draw moisture into my shaft before the drying henna. Then, I thoroughly detangled my hair in the shower with tons of Trader Joe's conditioner. I sectioned my hair and ended up with 10 detangled braids. (I parted it down the middle and then 5 horizontal sections on each side.) I firmly, but not tightly, braided only the ng and texlaxed hair and then put a small hairpin at the bottom of each braided portion so that it wouldn't unravel while I was still in the shower. I did this with conditioner in my hair so, after all 10 braids were done, I rinsed thoroughly under the shower, patting my head to squeeze the water thru the braids to get all the conditioner out. And then I squeezed the excess water out and let my hair airdry like that. As my hair airdried, I took the hairpins off because the hair wouldn't unravel while airdrying (the running shower water would've unraveled it).

After it was mostly airdried, I added a bit of olive oil to my prepared henna. (I used honey before and thought that was great but decided to limit what I add to my henna this time because my indigo didn't really take well the last time. I decided to add the EVOO, which is able to penetrate the shaft and also acts like a humectant).

Anywho, I unbraided and henna'd section by section starting with the back. Oh, it went SO well. I wrapped my henna'd head and went to bed.

Day2: I washed the henna out using Aussie Moist conditioner. And then applied the Indigo (only mixed with warm tap water. Not chancing this black not taking), wrapped my hair and sat under a heated cap for an hour and without the cap for another 30 mins (had to make myself something to eat. )

After rinsing the indigo out, I did another DC treatment, also with honey, molasses, avocado oil, wheatgerm oil and EVOO added. I threw 2 plastic caps on and my big curly wig ontop and went out to the grocery store. Oh, I was fabulous!! I think I posted a pic on FB whle I was driving. Had my Hollywood shades and a long Bohemian dress. The wig in curls hangs between MBL and WL and the dress made my waist look so tiny. (I'm way off track. Let me get back to my hair).

After I washed the DC out, my hair was SO friggen soft, strong and heavy, all at once. The grays that I had sneaking into my hairline have been banished and my hair is jet black. Oh! I need to mention tha I only indigo'd the hairline and top layer of my hair. No need to used up all my indigo stash. But again, my hair is jet black and fabulous. So, of course, I finished off by sealing in my leave ins.

Today, my hair feels FABULOUS!! I'm SO happy that everything turned out well. Sounds like a lot but, my locks are worth the extra pampering to make sure I got the best result. I'm sure that's the way I'll do it from now on.

Tah daaaaahhhh! FABULOUS, Dahling!
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