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IHello Divas! I have an update on my first attempt at using Curlformers last night.

To prepare, I did an overnight DC the night before and ran around most of the day with that same conditioner, waiting to find time to set my hair with the curlformers. I rinsed out the conditioner, finger detangled and sectioned off my hair into 4 section, prepping for the set. I figured it would take me about an hour at most to get 'em in. Nah man. It took about 5 hours to detangle as I went along and get all the curlformers in. No one warned me about this.

Here's my complete set:

I got out of the shower around 8pm and didn't finish my set until 1am. Since I thought it would take an hour to put them in, I was prepared to stay up until about 1am just letting them airdry. I certainly didn't intend to sleep with them in but, by the time I got them all in, I was dead dog tired. And let me tell you, trying to sleep in them was impossible! I could not find a way to sleep and I tried everything. I even tried to sleep the way the sister slept on "Friday" to keep from messing up her hair.

I noticed that as the hair dried, the curlformers were pulling at my scalp even more so, I'd have to slide some of them down a bit. And when I did nod off, I could feel the discomfort even in my sleep. But, I made it thru and immediately took the curlformers off my hair when the alarm went off at 5:30.

I was VERY pleased with how the spirals turned out. Especially since I'm 43 wks post texlax. They were soft, bouncy and smooth. That really surprised me.

Anyhoo, here are the pics that I took first thing this morning. What do you think?

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Now that it's bedtime, I notice the curls are starting to fluff out a bit. I didn't bother to break down any of the curls yet because I want the set to last awhile. But even so, my hair looks fuller than this morning. I plan to take pics each day to see how the style lasts. I'll probably only keep it in about 5 days...if it will last that long. But by then, I expect it to hang much longer and sort of turn into beach waves. Meh. We'll see.

So are you wondering what I'm doing to try to keep the style at night? Well tonight, I sprayed my hair and ends with argon oil treatment spray, pin curled the front spirals and covered it with one of those headwraps that are made for braids. You know, the one with a pouch on the back? Just in case you have no idea what I'm trying to describe, here's a pic of me with my hair covered.

There's an enclosed pouch to hold curls and braids in the back. It is not open.

Anyway, I think this is a great no-heat option for hair styling. It does take quite a bit of time to set it but the results are soft, bouncy and sassy curls. I love it.

Now, I'm gonna try to get some sleep. I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2 pics.

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  1. tweety's Avatar
    I think you did a FAB JOB!!! what did you use to set your hair? I was thinking of trying flexi rods, they look almost the same.
    Updated 02-17-2012 at 12:31 AM by tweety
  2. NJoy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tweety
    I think you did a FAB JOB!!! what did you use to set your hair? I was thinking of trying flexi rods, they look almost the same.
    Thanks Tweety! They really did turn out well. And by the end of the day, they were already expanding a bit and hanging a little better. My style looked fuller even though I didn't separate the curls yet. Funny thing is that I mostly kept my hair covered up today, except for a few spirals that I let hang at the front of my face. I'm really gonna need a 12-step program to wean myself off of protective styling.

    The difference with flexirods is that you wrap your hair around flexirods. With curlformers, the hair is inside and flattened by the curlformer before spiraling. And since the curlformers are sort of a mesh, the hair may dry faster.

    Other than that, I suppose you can get the same spiraled look.
  3. Tink's Avatar
    I absolutely love the results! I think I want to try curlformers. I love my flexirods too!
  4. tweety's Avatar
    I saw a YouTube video and figured it out after I asked the question. Duhhhh Hahaha I said oh this is how ya doooo it lol