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From nightmare to nice hair!

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Well, it's been a couple weeks. I've been working on making YT videos and still have nothing up yet. I guess I'm trying to figure out how to best do it, what videos would be interesting and am I serious? Ah well. Yes, I'm still planning to figure the YouTube thing out but, in the meantime, I'll still continue to update here, on my blog.

Today, I'm taking it easy on Superbowl Sunday, njoying a little peace and quiet and some well-moisturized hair. Ahhhh.... life is gooooood.

It wasn't always so. Just a few days back, after neglecting my hair for a few days, I felt guilty and decided I should at least run some water over my scalp. I had detangled and moisturized my hair 4 days prior but hadn't touched it since.

Well. I'll take that back. I had oiled and massaged my scalp while my hair remained in Celie braids but, that was about it.

So, I decided to hop in the shower and suddenly got the bright idea to shampoo. Now, I already knew this was a bad idea before I started but, I figured I'd dilute the poo just to remove any build up the Crisco may have left. Still...not a good idea.

See, before I wash my hair, I usually do an overnight prepoo and also finger detangle to remove any sheds. Trying to shampoo hair that has been braided and without detangling is asking for trouble. And trouble I got. My hair tangled something fierce so, I decided to do a moisturizing DC with steam and tried to detangle before rinsing out the DC. Surely that would give my hair tremendous slip and allow me to easily detangle. I still had knots, to which I added some Cowboy Magic Detangler to help release the knots. Suffice it to say, I did get my hair mostly detangled...eventually. I stopped on the last section and completed the detangling the next day. Oh! I could've kicked myself. At almost 42 wks post texlax, I worried about excessive breakage at the point of demarcation. Yeah. I was right to worry but, oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

So I rinsed and braided my detangled hair and left it alone...for days...not wanting to upset it again. But, yesterday, I felt guilty again for neglecting my hair. It was Saturday, I had nowhere to be so, why not do SOMEthing? I immediately thought of doing an oiled scalp massage but that was a cop out. Then I decided to give myself a Honey & Egg DC. My hair could use a little strengthening and moisturizing and plain ol' tlc. So, I whipped up a concoction of egg yolks, honey, EVOO, aloe vera gel, Aussie Moist and added sage and fenugreek EOs. I let it sit under 2 plastic caps and a scarf for several hours before rinsing it out. And when I did, (cue the heavenly music) my hair felt AWESOME!!!!!!! I can't even describe how excited and pleased I was. Why, oh why have I gotten away from doing my honey and egg DC?

I dried my hair with a tshirt and applied Giovanni Direct Leave in with JBCO and sealing my ends with Crisco. I didn't baggy my braids overnight. I just wore my satin cap and today my hair is soft and smooth! I am over the moon!

Oh, and speaking of moon. Tomorrow I intend to trim about an inch off of my hair. I'm trimming by the moon phases. Tomorrow and Tuesday, the moon will be in Leo which means cutting during this phase and right before a full moon, the hair grows back faster and thicker. Now...don't quote me. I've been doing a lot of reading and many people plant, cut and do other things by moon phases. I don't know if or how this works but, I've decided to experiment with it, since I want to trim my hair anyway. And if nothing else, this gives me a way to plan my trims and feel I have some control over choosing the most beneficial time to do so. We'll see what happens. I hope I don't turn into a werewolf or something.

That's my update, folks. Thanks for reading. TTFN. (Ta Ta For Now!)


  1. MsDarling's Avatar
    I don't think I've heard of honey and egg as deep condish before.
    I haven't tried egg on my hair because I'm scared of protein overload.

    Now, I'm intrigued, might try next week, that's if I don't eat all the honey first.
  2. NJoy's Avatar
    The egg yolks are protein which strengthen and the honey is a humectant so, it pulls in moisture. It's a balanced treatment that leaves my hair feeling great!

    I'm about to do the same today.
  3. Early Bird's Avatar
    Njoy, I just heard about your future YouTube Channel reddancer Please, Please, Please keep us updated with your progress. I look forward to seeing your channel. I know it will be a success .
  4. NJoy's Avatar
    Thanks, Girl. I'm working on it.