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Update @ 39 weeks post

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Today I decided to clarify my hair. I've been meaning to wash for the past few days but, I've been busy, busy, busy.

As I've mentioned, I've been wearing, washing and DC'g my hair in 4-6 Celie braids. I'd been using Crisco Oil on the ends of my braids to keep them from tangling. Welllllllll... I haven't been using Crisco on my braids over the past few days either. I have been moisturizing and sealing, just didn't bother to refill the container that I keep in my bathroom. The Crisco is in the kitchen.

So, as if I didn't know any better, my braids were all braided together and baggied all day. The I decide to do an acv/cayenne rinse followed by poo. Yeah, this was around the time that I realized that my hair was locking together. I didn't panic (although I could've kicked myself). I continued to shampoo and rinse out the shampoo. Then I loaded my hair with conditioner, thinking I could try to pry the tangles loose after it had set for a bit. I sorta imagined that the tangles would melt away. Ahhh, if there were ever a time when I wished that saying could be true it was tonight.

I did manage to separate my braids after what seemed like hours (but was actually about 10 - 15 minutes). It still left a major knot in one of my braids. I decided not to bother with it. I rinsed my hair, added my leave ins and sealed as usual, thinking that I'll try to detangle after my hair airdries. For whatever reason, this sort of detangling works best for me. Trying to detangle in the shower always results in me losing hair. So... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

But in the meantime, I did unbraid my two back braids to finger detangle and do sort of an impromptu length check. Yep. It's still there. Just checking to see if this hip length thing was a figment of my imagination or not. I'm really excited about this year because I'm gonna get length AND I can afford to cut to thicken my hemline. Hey, I'm officially in the gravy section, Dude. Righteous.


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    I got a little impatient. Couldn't wait until it fully airdried. I tried to detangle last night and finally just decided to cut the hair loose. Surprisingly, after cutting, I noticed that the cut ends feel wonderful. This is pushing me to just go ahead and cut the rest of the bonelaxed ends. Instead, I've decided to cut 2-3" next week and then cut the rest of the bonelaxed ends after the cold winter months are over.

    To me, it's better to cut now, while I'm putting my hair away for the winter, hoping that it grows back to hip by the end of the winter than letting it grow to new long lengths and then cutting back during the warmer months. If I can get rid of all of my bonelaxed ends and grow back to HL by une, that would be perfect. That'll give me the remainder of the year to grow to TBL or as close as possible. Wow! That would be wonderful!