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  1. Another Hair Inspiration Video

    I love ElektrikTV new hair color and that hair is looking all healthy plus gorgeous

    I can't forget about Whitney amazing long and thick natural hair

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  2. 3 days 'til my birthday!

    Well, we're down to the final countdown. Three days until my birthday and my birthday reveal. Well, I don't know how much of a reveal it will be. Let's just say, three days until I flat iron my hair for my next official length check.

    So, what have I been doing these past few days? Trying to get a handle on detangling my hair so that I'm able to flat iron and wear it down for my birthday. I think the down side of my hair growing so quickly is less time to learn how to handle ...
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  3. Henna/Indigo Success!!

    So my henna turned out fabulous! It was definitely a 2-day process, which I treated as a Spa Weekend for my hair, and well worth it!

    After having stretched my texlax for 38 weeks, I was a little apprehensive about the possibility of cementing tangles into my new growth with henna. I had to find a way to be sure that my massive new growth/texlaxed hair was completely detangled. I decided to detangle and partially braid my hair to stretch it in preparation for my henna treatment. ...
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  4. Introduction to MY Diva Spot

    Hello Divas!! I'm a member of a few hair boards and most widely known for growing my hair from SL to grazing WL in one year (2010). I'm being constantly asked for my reggie and the same basic questions over and again. If you know me, then you know that I freely share any information that I may have. I don't package and sell products, videos or books. *shrug* I just share because I genuinely njoy helping others.

    I previously kept my blog over at LHCF but, because the forum charges, ...