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  1. March 2011 Check Length Check

    1st quarter of 2011 was pretty rough on me, personally. I stayed by my mother's side as she went through the final stage of cancer and passed away. During this time, I had very little time or focus for haircare. I was 7 through 9 months post relaxer and kept my hair in 4 Celie braids most of the time. I moisturized as often as I could remember, baggied my hair most nights and hoped for the best.

    There was a time when I dunked my head whle in the tub and it locked 3 of my back braids ...
  2. NJoy's Year One pics!!!

    So, this is what it's all about. For those who haven't watched me grow my hair online, here's a recap of my first year of healthy haircare.

    First month: Newbie just learning about hair care. I started with a freshly layered cut. Obvious newbie trying to figure out how to take pics. Dates are 1/2, 2/2, 3/2 & 3/19.

    Main protective style
  3. Still stunned but worried.

    Ok, so I'm still feeling pretty shocked over my sneak peek. I mean, even tho I've visualized length and have been watching my progress pics...uh...progress, I'm still floored because I usually have my hair braided up and tucked away. I try not to watch my hair grow except thru pics. So, if you're stunned, that makes two of us.

    But there are two things that I'm worried about. The first is that I'm going to do something to muck it all up. But that doesn't concern me half as much as ...
  4. Airdrying and How I wore my hair.

    I'm getting a lot of pm's asking various questions and, as talkative as I am, I'm going into great detail trying to respond. But, I'm finding myself responding to the same types of questions. So, I'm posting some of my responses in an effort to share as much information as possible with everyone.

    I was asked about my method of airdrying and how I wore my hair so that it was presentable (or something like that). Here's my response:

    Early on, I did a lot of wet bunning. ...
  5. Updated Reggie (including recipe for my sulfur mix)

    My reggie has been updated. Below is my original reggie along with the link to the sulfur mix. My current reggie is here.

    I'm being asked for my updated reggie so often that I've decided to just copy my response to someone's message to me asking for it.

    Hey, girl. Everybody's asking and I'm just as amazed as everyone else. Other than very recently, because I'm 13 weeks post, I've been cowashing daily and using a homemade oil and sublimed sulfur mix night ...

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