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  1. End of Challenge

    Well, I had a wonderful birthday. We took the kids out of town for an extended weekend. I tried to flat iron my hair to wear it out for hubby, since he says I never wear it out. It was puffier than I expected but, that's a combo between the thickness of my natural hair and being paranoid about burning my hair. Since I burned a section the night before, I only did 1 pass on most of my strands. Even so, it looked fine and felt awesome!

    I started using CO nightly while on ...
  2. Week 4 - Go Hard Challenge

    So, this is the final week of my 30-day Go Hard Challenge and I must say... I didn't go as hard could've over the past few weeks. Particularly in the workout section. But this final week, I also don't see myself doing much in the workout section. I didn't factor in summertime with the kids. We're all over the place and I really just won't have time to get to the gym consistently. But, I am doing better with cleaning up my eating, upping my protein (don't know if that's a good idea ...
  3. Week 3 -Go hard challenge

    Ok, so I haven't been going as hard as I would have thought, especially in the fitness area.

    I finally removed those lashes that I had done at the nail salon. I won't be doing them anymore. They look awesome but are murder to get off. I lose lashes in the takedown everytime. But now that they're off, I'm applying a jbco and SAA mix to get them to grow and thicken. And I'm taking up wearing falsies that use the normal lash glue. I wore some last night at our fight party ...
  4. Week 2 - 30-day Go Hard Challenge

    Ok, so technically I'm in my 2nd week. I started my 30 days on May 21st, which was hubby's birthday. Here is my original post regarding my goals for this challenge:

    My Go Hard goals:

    Hair: This is a tricky one. My goal is to grow at least +1" and be just past HL so that when I do my 1" cut on the 23rd, I'll be solidly HL.
    Now the tricky part about this is that I'm not quite sure where my hair is today. And I've been trying not to length check the
  5. 1 Yr Post today!

    So, I'm officially 52 weeks post today. I always thought that once I reached 52 weeks, I'd do something special like flat iron and length check. Or henna and indigo. Or even BC. But no. Today I'm preoccupied with what could be a major detangling session.

    A few nights ago, I fell asleep with my hair separated into 4 section. The ponytail holders were uncomfortable while I was sleeping so, I decided to take them all out, leaving my hair in 4 unbound plaits. And here's where it ...
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