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  1. My Texlax/ Relaxer Process

    I coat my previously relaxed strands (mix of neutralizer, conditioner and oil and/or Vaseline). I mix in about a tbs wheatgerm oil and SAA into relaxer and apply. I rely on the oil to slow down processing so, I can take the whole 20-25 mins to get it all in.

    Next steps:
    Rinse well, protein/reconstructor, rinse, neutralize/chelate (Quantum), rinse, ACV rinse (just to make sure), neutralizing poo again (just to make sure), rinse, PC or K-Pak, rinse, DC w/heat, rinse. Done. ...

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  2. Texlaxed at 38 weeks post

    I'm a little late with this post. After having a couple of tough detangling episodes during my first long stretch, which started out as a six month stretch, and after reading someone's post about having her six month stretch ruin her hair, I decided to texlax at 38 weeks. Nine and a half months stretch. Not bad, says I.

    I decided to "lightly texlax" my hair, in an attempt to make settle my ng down a bit while exposing my hair to a minimal amount of chemical processing. ...

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  3. Happy Mother's Day

    First, I'd like to wish every Mother and Mother-to-Be a very Happy Mother's Day!

    Today is a day of mixed emotions for me. I am a Mother and fully njoyd being spoiled by my family today. But, I've recently lost my own mother and today serves as a painful reminder of my loss.

    In honor of my Mama

    I love you and miss you, Mommy!
  4. March 2011 Check Length Check

    1st quarter of 2011 was pretty rough on me, personally. I stayed by my mother's side as she went through the final stage of cancer and passed away. During this time, I had very little time or focus for haircare. I was 7 through 9 months post relaxer and kept my hair in 4 Celie braids most of the time. I moisturized as often as I could remember, baggied my hair most nights and hoped for the best.

    There was a time when I dunked my head whle in the tub and it locked 3 of my back braids ...
  5. NJoy's Year One pics!!!

    So, this is what it's all about. For those who haven't watched me grow my hair online, here's a recap of my first year of healthy haircare.

    First month: Newbie just learning about hair care. I started with a freshly layered cut. Obvious newbie trying to figure out how to take pics. Dates are 1/2, 2/2, 3/2 & 3/19.

    Main protective style
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