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  1. Loving people again

    I just watched Oprah's life class and I was struck by her term "Energy suckers." I understand the concept, but I always called them vampires. People who seem to suck out your energy. Now I have a better term, lol.

    My fast is going well. I bought a case of Oreos for Halloween, and even though they were really tempting, I controlled myself. Although the people in my house didn't.

    This week I've been feeling so much joy and happiness. Because I feel completely ...

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  2. GOT a Weave

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    And Iam really happy with it

    My Strategy is to hide my hair this entire winter
    and Massage that wonderful sulfur mix into my scalp a few times a weeks
    For optimal Growth

    I will take breaks in between installments
    But go right back to the weave

    MOM did this when I was younger... Hide my hair in braids then as I got older she hid them under tracks so I know that my hair doesnt mind ...
  3. How to thicken your sulfur growth mix

    Hello Divas! I've got a tip for ya.

    One of the drawbacks to using the sulfur oil mix is that it can be messy or runny. To combat that, I've been adding JBCO to my mix to thicken it up a bit. But if you're looking for something that you can mix up and apply to your scalp like an ointment, try mixing some of the premade sulfur oil with aloe vera gel and apply directly to your scalp.

    Now, you may be tempted to make your mix with the aloe gel but, to get the right amount ...
  4. 26 weeks post texlax

    Well, if you've been following me on the boards, then you know that I did not texlax yet. I'm 26 weeks post and still in braids.

    I feel like I've been a little lazy with protecting my ends. I was rolling the ends of my braids on flexirods but, not lately. So, last night, I decided to do a search and destroy since I saw some splits. Seeing splits is new to me because of the extreme protective styling that I'd been doing. Also, I was keeping my ends in check with periodic use of ...
  5. I felt like a fake because I was part 2

    Yesterday was huge for me. These past 2 weeks have been huge for me. I've realized and understood so much.

    - When you're not living your truth you will feel miserable

    -Inside you know who you are. You know the truth. And when people lie to you, and try to label you as something you're not; even if your mind accepts it for a little while; your soul, your heart rejects it.

    - When you shine, others shine. People believe that when you shine, your light ...
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