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  1. Hair, Health, Hubby, Hobby, & High Hopes!

    Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA but I've had so much going on.

    HAIR: I am so thankful for the encouragement you guys gave me recently. I feel like I am back on track with my hair! I have normal shedding and my breakage is greatly reduced. I don't even feel the need to trim it like I did before. My last relaxer was the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I plan to do my next one in February. One thing that has really been working for me is being consistent in "haircare", although ...
  2. Why does it take me so long to do my hair

    Why does it take me so long to do my hair? I started washing it yesterday, and finished detangling it this morning. I used to wash my hair every other day. But not anymore.

    I measured it, and it's 16 inches long. Longer than the 14 inch weaves I used to wear. I don't know what to call it. It hits the top of my bra in the front, and almost the end of my shoulder blades in the back.

    This is the longest I've let it grow. Normally I cut it off when it's arm pit length. ...
    Hair Journey
  3. Sistahs, why ya been holding out on the butters?

    (so if you haven't seen the youtube vid with the girl mad at black people for hiding the butters then you don't get the reference. But read on anyway)

    So, I tried raw shea butter early on in the game. I put a little in my palm and rubbed to emulsify before putting on my hair. Nothing spectacular so, I moved on to trying other things in building my regi. That was early 2010.

    Saturday, I went to Atlantic Station and found a vendor that sells hand-mixed shea ...
  4. 59 days left until the end of the year

    59 days left until the end of the year. This has been an amazing year for me. Lots of emotional and spiritual growth. And learning what brings me joy. And getting cancerous people out of my life, so I can make room for positive people.

    Realizing that I do almost everything I dream about, got me so excited. I can barely sleep now. And every time I want to relax, my mind says get back to work. It really feels like a fire is blazing in me. And I absolutely know that everything is possible. ...
  5. Random Thoughts: Health and Fitness

    Quote Originally Posted by NJoy View Post
    First, I came by to shout, "My tummy is flat!!!!" I've not been doing any heavy exercising on my abs but still, it's finally flat! I'm talking after-4-babies flat!

    If I had to guess, the things that are helping are:

    Stomach Vacuum (although, I only do it from time to time and usually while standing or sitting ~whenever I think about it)

    here's another version on the floor that explains it well.
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