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  1. Update -- March 28, 2012

    Hello Divas. Checking in today, still dealing with pollen and these allergies but, feeling much better than the past few weeks.

    Saturday night, I decided to detangle and put my hair in mini twists. Well, it's been 4 days and I still have 1/4 of my hair to do. I'm basically dry finger detangling (with coconut oiled fingers, that is) to remove sheds and tangles. Then I spray each small section that I'm working with (water, aloe vera juice and veggie glycerin) and comb thru first, ...
  2. 4" in 16 weeks and update

    First let me say, these seasonal allergies have been kicking my butt over the past two weeks. So I haven't been updating or doing much of anything to my hair. But, as much as possible, I have been massaging my scalp oil at least every other day and trying to moisturize and seal regularly. I've been heavily medicated to treat cold symptoms, a sinus infection and crushing sinus headaches. I did get in a couple cowashes and, regrettably, tried Suave Keratin Infusion conditioner and TRESemme Split ...
  3. 45 weeks post texlax and still going. Yiiiiiikes!

    I think in my last entry that I said that I got caught in the rain and decided to turn my curls into twists. Well, the day after the rain my sinuses went crazy. For 6 days straight, I had a crushing sinus headache and spent most of that time in bed, occassionally checking in from my cellphone. My hubby was out of town working but when he came back in town for the weekend, he switched up my meds and nursed me back to health. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Baby.

    So as of yesterday, ...
  4. Day 3 Curlformers update

    Okay. Day 3. Still curly but they're falling. I lightly finger combed and just HAD to do a scalp massage. My scalp felt so dry and itchy. I'll probably comb thru for more of a wavy look tomorrow or pin it up for another day first. I'll keep you posted. Meantime, NJoy!

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  5. Curlformers!

    IHello Divas! I have an update on my first attempt at using Curlformers last night.

    To prepare, I did an overnight DC the night before and ran around most of the day with that same conditioner, waiting to find time to set my hair with the curlformers. I rinsed out the conditioner, finger detangled and sectioned off my hair into 4 section, prepping for the set. I figured it would take me about an hour at most to get 'em in. Nah man. It took about 5 hours to detangle as I went along ...

    Updated 02-16-2012 at 09:48 AM by NJoy

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