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  1. Airdrying and How I wore my hair.

    I'm getting a lot of pm's asking various questions and, as talkative as I am, I'm going into great detail trying to respond. But, I'm finding myself responding to the same types of questions. So, I'm posting some of my responses in an effort to share as much information as possible with everyone.

    I was asked about my method of airdrying and how I wore my hair so that it was presentable (or something like that). Here's my response:

    Early on, I did a lot of wet bunning. ...
  2. Updated Reggie (including recipe for my sulfur mix)

    My reggie has been updated. Below is my original reggie along with the link to the sulfur mix. My current reggie is here.

    I'm being asked for my updated reggie so often that I've decided to just copy my response to someone's message to me asking for it.

    Hey, girl. Everybody's asking and I'm just as amazed as everyone else. Other than very recently, because I'm 13 weeks post, I've been cowashing daily and using a homemade oil and sublimed sulfur mix night ...

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  3. 2 inches of growth in March?! Oh yeah!

    For those of you asking, my reggie is basically the same with a few tweaks. I don't have time to go back and compare it to what I posted previously. Here's what I shared with a friend today:

    Daily cowashing. I'm mainly using Mill Creek Biotin Conditioner, ApHogee 2 min reconstructor, NTM Daily Deep Conditioner for my regular cowashes. (ETA: I don't use ApHogee daily. Weekly and/or as needed. But it stays in my shower. )

    For deep conditioning, I use NTM Recovery Mask ...
  4. In the beginning...My reggie as posted in March 2010.

    Mainly, I'm keeping lots of moisture on my hair. I'm in a baggied bun challenge and a wet bun challenge. It's real easy for me because I cowash practically every day. I clarify maybe once a month, otherwise, I'm just using conditioner. While it's wet, I'm spraying my hair with a mixture of aloe juice & water. I squeeze it a bit so that it's not dripping wet. The I use NTM leave in (or bioInfusion Moisturizer) and seal with coconut oil. I recently started using Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter ...
  5. Introduction to MY Diva Spot

    Hello Divas!! I'm a member of a few hair boards and most widely known for growing my hair from SL to grazing WL in one year (2010). I'm being constantly asked for my reggie and the same basic questions over and again. If you know me, then you know that I freely share any information that I may have. I don't package and sell products, videos or books. *shrug* I just share because I genuinely njoy helping others.

    I previously kept my blog over at LHCF but, because the forum charges, ...
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