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  1. Royal_Woman's Avatar
    I truly love your hair! You have some major thickness going on and I don't pray for that kind of growth. I'd lose patience by being the one to have to manage it. I am proud of you for consistently giving me hope on my journey! Let's grow more hair.
  2. Tink's Avatar
    I vote for the flat iron with heat protectant and curlformers. That's what I plan to do. I haven't bought curl formers yet though. I feel like my hair consumes more of my time than I want it to. I am really loving how the Havana twists look so I may wear those for awhile...
  3. Tink's Avatar
    I am so thankful that God blessed you with two wonderful parents. I'm thankful for the time you were able to enjoy them and the memories you have. I know He is comforting you through this and even though it hurts, we don't sorrow like those who have no hope. Death has already been swallowed up in victory and you know you will see your parents again! Thanks be to God for His Son's sacrifice that has given us eternal life!!!
  4. MsDarling's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that NJoy, but your father is in a better place for sure.

    Yes, the sleep is what you needed, when my mother passed, I was a kid, and all I did was sleep.

    Like they say: life is for the living, so let's live it.

    Sending you positive vibes
  5. NJoy's Avatar
    blessed1, sent you a pm
  6. Blessed1's Avatar
    I hope you do make a video. I'm still a little confused about how you hold the bun. I think I get it but I'd like to "see".

    Great post Njoy!
  7. NJoy's Avatar
    I don't really have a preference. I. LOVE. cowashing! I love massaging my scalp under running water. I just love it! Especially now that my hair feels like it's bursting with curls when full of condish. And the weight of it reminds me that my hair is growing longer.

    I usually cowash in the morning because I apply my growth mix to my scalp at night. But cowashing at night is fine too. Either way, I usually go to bed with a baggied head. I try to keep the crinkling down by tying the baggy down real good with a scarf. (cue hubby looking at my side-eyed)

    If I could get away with it, I'd cowash in the morning and at night (same with hot bubble baths). I guess I just like being in the water. Hey. It's better than the opposite.
  8. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Hey NJoy, thanks for the post! In your experience, do you prefer nightly cowashing over cowashing in the morning? TIA.
  9. JoyBelle's Avatar
    Looks like you have a solid reggie there you'll be where you want to be in no time flat! Thanks for posting. I do something quite similar (tightly curly - I love cones). Keep growing on!
  10. AishaMontae's Avatar
    Looks great!!!!
  11. PurpleBunny's Avatar
    LOVE IT!!
    Such an inspiration!!
  12. JoyBelle's Avatar
    You are getting fabulous growth, keep it up!! Your hair looks super soft.
  13. 504CurlyHairChic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GBF
    Ok, I just read the information at the top of the photos, I am so sorry to hear about your accident and hope all goes well with your recovery.
    I totally missed that until I read your post! I hope everything is ok!
  14. 504CurlyHairChic's Avatar
    Great!!! If I can stop being so lazy and start applying daily I'd see more results I'm glad you are having such great results!
  15. GBF's Avatar
    Ok, I just read the information at the top of the photos, I am so sorry to hear about your accident and hope all goes well with your recovery.
  16. GBF's Avatar
    I am just seeing the big difference, your hair is really growing quickly, what exactly are you doing, lol? This is miraculously amazing!!!
  17. GBF's Avatar
    Your hair is beautiful and you have a good length even after the chop.
  18. MyLuvMaya's Avatar
    Beautiful! Your hair grows like a weed!
  19. MsDarling's Avatar
    Great progress!
  20. Serenity's Avatar
    Wow! It looks great. I love it!
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