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  1. Flat iron for motivation

    Just as I was starting to get frustrated with my natural hair, I decided to flat iron and my thickness is more than motivation to keep it up. Here are my pics.

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  2. Can I be real right now?

    [I'm posting this here because I'm away from my laptop and don't have the credentials to sign in to my main blog. So, I'll post here and share upstairs later]

    So as I was saying, can I be real right now? Maintaining my natural hair is more effort than I care for. I'm not saying that I don't love being natural, because I do. I'm saying, as a low-maintenance, hair-lazy sort of Diva, I am doing the MOST caring for my natural hair. Well, let me back up. It's really not the maintenance ...
  3. Baggied bunning. The key to my off-the-chain retentionin 2010

    So, I'm back to what worked so well for my retention in 2010. I'm back to baggied bunning.

    I've been hesitant about trying it because the last detangling nightmare during my transition that ended up with me cutting huge knots out of my hair was when I lumped my hair together. During my transition, I had to keep my hair in sections or it would tangle terribly. So now that I'm all natural and my hair is long enough to bun, I want to get back to baggy bunning because my ...
  4. Two months post BC

    Let me begin by saying, I LOVE my natural hair. I'm so glad that I made the decision to stop relaxing and transition to natural hair. Don't get me wrong. My hair was healthy and growing fine while relaxed. Well, that is, after I learned how to take care of my relaxed hair.

    But, when I started to stretch my relaxers --that is, waiting longer periods than my normal 8 weeks to do my touch ups-- I could see the night and day difference in the thickness of the new growth and my relaxed ...
  5. Ok, I should've updated by now...true.

    After the drama with my hair knotting and cutting out the knots, my hair has been behaving and actually feels pretty good. I've decided not to BC and to continue transitioning until the end of the year.

    Today, I have my hair in chunky twists and am really feeling Hair Crush-ish. I mean, my twists finally have the thickness that I've wanted since seeing you tube's Hair Crush. As always, I'm tempted to chop my relaxed ends, mainly because they're so obvious. But also because I think ...
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