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  1. Week 3 -Go hard challenge

    Ok, so I haven't been going as hard as I would have thought, especially in the fitness area.

    I finally removed those lashes that I had done at the nail salon. I won't be doing them anymore. They look awesome but are murder to get off. I lose lashes in the takedown everytime. But now that they're off, I'm applying a jbco and SAA mix to get them to grow and thicken. And I'm taking up wearing falsies that use the normal lash glue. I wore some last night at our fight party ...
  2. Week 2 - 30-day Go Hard Challenge

    Ok, so technically I'm in my 2nd week. I started my 30 days on May 21st, which was hubby's birthday. Here is my original post regarding my goals for this challenge:

    My Go Hard goals:

    Hair: This is a tricky one. My goal is to grow at least +1" and be just past HL so that when I do my 1" cut on the 23rd, I'll be solidly HL.
    Now the tricky part about this is that I'm not quite sure where my hair is today. And I've been trying not to length check the
  3. Well, it's a New Year and Time to get to work on NEW Goals!!

    Well we made it! 2012, welcome! I've been waiting on you.

    2010 I rocked my hair goals and grew from Shoulder Length (SL) to grazing Waist Length (WL). 2011, I was less focused on hair but still made my goal of grazing Hip Length (HL). 2011 started out very stressful for me with my mom going through the final stage of cancer. It took me months after her passing to even feel like myself again. Once I started pulling it together, I started focusing on my father's health ...

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  4. Getting back on track

    Ok, now that my detangling mayhem is behind me, it's time to get back on track. THAT was the wake up call that I needed to really get back on track with my hair care.

    Let me back up. For the entire first quarter of this year, I was at my mother's side, at least 13 hours a day, until she passed away from cancer in March. During that time, I put everything on hold -- my hair, my health, my family, everything. And being deep into what turned out to be a 38 week stretch, that meant no ...

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  5. The power of GRACE!

    There are so many wonderful things pouring into my life now. I truly believe I'm in a season of harvest. I've been faithful in sowing good seeds and continue to do so. I share freely, help when I can and have stood strong through some difficult times (loss of my Mother and Grandmother, specifically). I've been the rock for my family when I didn't think I had enough strength for myself. I've shared information freely that others would've resorted to using for profit. And, I continue to encourage ...
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