1. Week 3 -Go hard challenge

    Ok, so I haven't been going as hard as I would have thought, especially in the fitness area.

    I finally removed those lashes that I had done at the nail salon. I won't be doing them anymore. They look awesome but are murder to get off. I lose lashes in the takedown everytime. But now that they're off, I'm applying a jbco and SAA mix to get them to grow and thicken. And I'm taking up wearing falsies that use the normal lash glue. I wore some last night at our fight party ...
  2. Week 2 - 30-day Go Hard Challenge

    Ok, so technically I'm in my 2nd week. I started my 30 days on May 21st, which was hubby's birthday. Here is my original post regarding my goals for this challenge:

    My Go Hard goals:

    Hair: This is a tricky one. My goal is to grow at least +1" and be just past HL so that when I do my 1" cut on the 23rd, I'll be solidly HL.
    Now the tricky part about this is that I'm not quite sure where my hair is today. And I've been trying not to length check the
  3. Random Thoughts: Health and Fitness

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    First, I came by to shout, "My tummy is flat!!!!" I've not been doing any heavy exercising on my abs but still, it's finally flat! I'm talking after-4-babies flat!

    If I had to guess, the things that are helping are:

    Stomach Vacuum (although, I only do it from time to time and usually while standing or sitting ~whenever I think about it)

    here's another version on the floor that explains it well.
  4. Coming along nicely

    First, let me begin by saying that I'm very distracted today. Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed at 7pm tonight. I won't go into details but, in case you aren't familiar, here's a link. Oh, and did you read, Georgia Prison officials blocked his request to take a polygraph? That's outrageous! There's only a few hours left so, I'm asking everyone, especially the prayer warriors, to pray for justice and that truth will reign freely in this situation. Also, pray for peace in the heart of the ...
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