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    Yay! Welcome back, Tink! There's a lady on my facebook page that uses the name "Tink". I thought it was you. lol

    So you're about 4 months post? Awesome. I eased into transitioning too. After doing a 6 month stretch, I decided to go for a year. And if I made it to a year, I'd officially call it a transition. That took some of the pressure off me, in case I couldn't handle it (plus I was going thru a tough time with my mom's illness at the time).

    As or tips, remember that the line of demarcation (the point where the relaxed and natural hair meets) is delicate and breaks easily. Keep the manipulation down to a minimum as much as possible to avoid breakage. Also, keep this area well-moisturized, as dryness contributes to it's fragility. The winter months should be easy because you should put your hair up and away anyway. But at the same time, winter weather dries hair out so, you'll have to be sure that your hair is protected from the elements.

    Also, you will experience some degree of breakage no matter what. Don't panic. Remember that you intend to cut those ends off anyway, eventually. So, don't get too attached. Your headed for a new head of hair. Keep that in mind.

    Good luck and I'll be watching and cheering you on.
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    Tink, that was a great year end summary! Looks like 2011 was a blessed year for you and your family.

    I ended 2011 with more hair than I thought I'd have. I had a surge in growth during the last months of the year that put me below BSL and headed for MBL. This year I'm still working on strengthening and thickening the hair of my crown.

    My weight ended at a high so 2012 is the year that I get back to my fighting weight. I also want to regain the strength that I've loss.

    Family has been up and down but everyone is well, and my relationship with my boyfriend is wonderful.

    I neglected my business last year because of family and school obligations, but I have lots of opportunities falling my lap. I'm going to grab as many of them as I can handle.

    I pray you all get everything you desire for 2012!
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    Hey Tink! Glad to see you back.

    HAIR: My hair is behaving really well lately. I'm 36 wks post and having no detangling issues like I did the last time I did a long stretch. Shoot, I had 3 MAJOR detangling nightmares before I decided to go ahead and texlax @ 38 weeks last time. But, there was a lot of stress in my life so, maybe that made the difference.

    I washed my hair the night before and combined some of the twists to make 6 braids ALL detangled thoroughly. I'm feeling like I just hit lotto. I was able to part and comb through my hair so, life is gooooood in hairville right now.

    If you hadn't noticed my new avi pic, that's my new goal length for 2012. I've decided to go longer after pinning a phonytail to the back of my hair to see what it would look like at that length. I like it! So, I'm using it to visualize my new goal. What do you think? I think that's about TBL.

    HEALTH: Girl, I found every pound that I lost. I think they were hiding under the macaroni and cheese because when I ate it, I found 'em. smh. I've decided to do a better job at being consistent with my workouts, heading to LA Fitness after I drop the kids off at school at least 3 days a week. Also, I'm really making an effort to keep my water intake up. I've been dehydrated for the past week or more, off an on. I'm committed to doing better.

    FAMILY: Congrats on your 7th anniversary! We celebrated 15 this past November. Seems like 7 was eons ago. For our anniversary, he bought me a diamond tennis bracelet. We've been looking at these throughout the first year of our marriage. He told me once, every 5 years he'd get me diamonds. On our 5th anniversary he bought me earrings, at 10, a pendant and now a tennis bracelet. I think that's very thoughtful that he's keeping his promise. I didn't even realize it until he pointed it out to me tho.

    HOBBY: My hair is my hobby. Other than that, I njoy reading, movies and organizing charitable events.

    HIGH HOPES: I have high hopes for life in general. In 2012, I hope to give more money than I make, inspire someone to be or do something great, make a host of new friends, rock a tight body, tbl hair and sleep each night knowing that I've made someone's day.
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    HAIR: I want to focus on nailing my regimen, finding a great protein solution, and hair health over length. But I do want to reach my goal of WL.

    HEALTH: The dvds sound like a great idea! Hubby got me an exercise machine that I use at home, but I really want to take a dance class to get me more motivated. We have switched to organic meat, and I want to switch to locally grown produce next.

    HUBBY: CONGRATS on 7 years! What do you think has attributed to your marital success? We will be celebrating 4 years at the end of January. Hubby surprised me with a makeover for Mother's Day & concert tickets (our first date night) since having the children. It really was special since I haven't been feeling the best after having two babies.

    HOBBY: Wow! You go girl! I want to get back into my hobby (reading & crocheting), and learn how to sew and digital scrapbook. I coupon as well, but you have me thinking about entering some of these sweeps!

    HIGH HOPES: I'm looking forward to "Life After", I will be working on my career transition, so I am ready to get that started.
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    I stave off scalp buildup by doing scalp-only shampoo'g. I alternate between and sls and a non sls poo. I use my fingertips to apply and lather up my scalp pretty well by massaging it all over my scalp. Then, when I rinse it out, the diluted run off gets the length of my hair. I've never had build up on my scalp. Also, consider the oils that you're using. Oh, and I also use steam to help keep my scalp healthy and keep my pores clear.

    Chicken tetrazzini sounds delish!
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    Yes, I think this is a must for me! I plan to do it every two weeks if I can. I didn't warm my water. I just used room temperature distilled water. I decided to add lemon because I thought it was supposed to help the color release. Since I'm not particular about color right now, I won't worry about doing that next time. The directions on the package only call for water (oil is optional)
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    Strenghtening and Soft... Thats what my hair needs right now. You survived your first Henna expreince ... so would you say its a must, will you be doing it again? Ur Nupur brand was already a blend so did you just add warm water to mix it? What was the purpose of the Lemon?

    Im still scared over here... But Iam looking to incorparate a full Ayurvedic Regimen so Henna is in my future
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    I can barely see the highlights but they're there. I am taking control of my ends. I don't mind wearing my hair up as long as I can have some bangs so that's what I plan to do to help my ends. I need to figure out a way to keep them baggied...

    BTW, how often do you henna???
  9. NJoy's Avatar
    Thanky ma'am for posting! I'm so glad it turned out well for you. Can you notice the subtle color highlights? I see color in your side shot. But of course, it should be more noticeable in the sunlight. And what a good idea taking pic with measuring tape. Thanky Tink's hubby.
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    I mixed it with distilled water and lemon juice. I was waiting til I flat ironed before I did a results post but I will say that I am very pleased! My babies are fussing so I'll come back later with more info. lol
  11. Sweet_Intent's Avatar
    Lol. So what did u mix your henna with? I want to hear more about the results
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    On wash day I part my hair in 3 sections and slather each with conditioner and then combing gently through with a wide toothed comb I then braid each section to prevent new tangles from forming. This way I safely get rid of the shed hairs and tangles - it's also really cool watching my hair revert back to it's curly state - I wear my natural hair blow dried and straightened because though I love my natural hair, I'm really prone to SSK's (single strand knots).
  13. ebsalita's Avatar
    He he that was a cute story. Hope the henna goes well,
  14. admin's Avatar
    Wishing you the best. And your hubby is hilarious!!!
  15. Tink's Avatar
    Thanks for all the helpful info! I'm going to try and do it tomorrow evening and wash it out Saturday morning. If not, I'll probably do it Sunday evening...
  16. NJoy's Avatar
    My first henna, I used instructions from the ebook that u listed. I love how it gave pics throughout. It is also where I got the instruction to add lemon juice to the henna. I wish I'd asked around before using it. Lemon juice and henna left my hair feeling pretty dry. Some ladies complain about henna leaving the hair dry. This is why some add honey, oils and even yogurt to the henna before using it. Plain water warm water can be used instead of the lemon juice. I tried chamomile tea because I find chamomille to be moisturizing. Honey added after it sets and right before use has been key for me in keeping the results from being dry.

    As for the curl pattern. I think the added weight of the henna on the hair stretches and allows the hair to hang longer, thereby loosening the curl pattern a bit. But, note that for me, I was hesitant about using henna during my stretches unless I'm sure my hair is thoroughly detangled first. It just seems that any tangles would be coated by the henna and cement themselves into my hair. I don't know that this is true but, with my experience with henna, that's my own personal hesitation.

    No doubt it leaves a coated feel on the hair that makes the hair appear and feel thicker. I think that's a good thing so I do like henna for it's strengthening. Just avoid the drying effect. I'm sure if you do a search, you'll find that to be the only complaint about henna use. And it's easily remedied.

    I haven't tried adding yogurt but, yogurt also loosens the curl pattern naturally so, I'm sure those who use yogurt in their henna mixes have that added result. I know some who swear by it but again, I have no personal experience with it.

    LOL @ your hubby being impatient and giving you one shot and that's it. I don't even bother my hubby with pics because I know that he'd be the same way. The repetitiveness of shopping with me drives him crazy so I know taking a zillion pics to get one will drive him batty too. Bless their hearts.

    Looking forward to seeing whatever pics you can muster.
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    I forgot to add that since henna is supposed to loosen your curl pattern I thought it would help make my newgrowth more manageable. Did you notice a looser curl pattern Njoy???
  18. Tink's Avatar
    I don't plan to use indigo this first time around. I mainly wanted to try it because of the strengthening and conditioning that I've heard so much about. I'd love to see what kind of red it gives to my hair as well. I do plan to try indigo in the future though! I found a great e-book on henna so I'm going to review that and then decide. I think I will do mine at night too. I put the kids down for bed between 7:30-8pm so that will give me uninterrupted time to apply it and I can wash it out the next day when the kids go down for a nap. I will definitely post how it turns out for me. I'll try to take pics too but I'm not that good at taking my own pics. Hubby isn't patient enough to do repeated pics to get a good shot. He'll snap one and be done with it lol

    Here's the link if anyone is interested. The e-book is FREE =)
    Updated 07-27-2011 at 03:28 PM by Tink (ETA e-book link)
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    Me! I use henna along with indigo (for jet black hair). I love it! My hair feels strong and thicker (because it's coated with the henna). I add honey to my henna right before I use it for moisture. Henna can leave your hair feeling really dry so, honey works wonders.

    The first time I used it, I read that you should mix it with lemon juice but, that really caused dryness. So now, I mix my henna with chamomille tea (instead of plain water) and let it sit for the allotted time. Then, right before using it, I add honey to make the mix creamy. This mixture works well for me.

    My hair is texlaxed so, I have to use body art quality henna (BAQ), which is pure henna. I stay away from the henna mixes with additives because they are most likely not BAQ and would be detrimental to my chemically treated hair.

    I apply mine at night and sleep in it. Let the water run over it to loosen it first when you go to wash it out. Then plenty of cheapie condish to get it all out. The honey helps it to rinse out easily (oh, I meant to say that you can also add a little oil when you add the honey. I've tried EVOO and Avocado oils. Honey alone works well too tho).

    You didn't mention whether you were going to use indigo or not. Just want to add my comments on that. I love the jet black results that indigo gives but, it's messy! You have to cover everything with newspaper to keep indigo from getting all over the bathroom. Henna isn't as messy but that indigo...yikes! It's a whole separate step from henna so, factor in the additional time. But the results are beautiful and healthy looking hair!

    Can't wait to hear your update to let us know how you like it!
  20. Sweet_Intent's Avatar
    No experience at all... Iam a scaredy cat. If anything let me know how it all goes since you havent either. Ive seen Henna that is mix w/ other Ayurveda herbs... if I ever make it to Henna my hair, I will try that version first.
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