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I don't know how to describe this blog. At first I didn't want to write a blog, because I enjoy my privacy too much. But I'm on a journey to get closer to God and to live my life authentically. And since this is a positive environment, I decided to just let it all out. Or as mush as I can.

  1. What a weekend!

    This has been a weekend! Every day I feel God's love working in my life. I used to take it for granted, but now I'm learning how to appreciate it.

    First, I re-learned how amazing my daughter is. She was able to do something good for someone who stole from her. And when I asked her why, she said " because you told me to." It feels wonderful to know that she still follows my advice. She's everything I dreamed about and so much more.

    Second, I learned I really
  2. My Random Thoughts and Questions

    These are just things that I've been reflecting on for the past couple of weeks. And it's funny that Tink directed me to link that answered some of my questions.

    Why do we only spend a couple of minutes every day with God? I can spend hours with my husband, and spend hours watching a movie. Why does God only get 30 minutes of my time? How can I want to be in the presence of God? Especially since I've learned that you don't feel God, you just have to know that God is there.

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    Random Jlissa Thoughts
  3. My Thoughts on Selfishness

    I am still new in my walk with God and all comments are appreciated.

    Selfishness! Before starting my walk with God, I never associated that word with evil or negativity. It was just a part of my personality that was accepted. And the world around me confirmed that selfishness was good!

    Talk shows encourage us to love our selves, to find self-esteem, and to have "ME" time. Experts tell us not to love people who don't love you. We're encouraged to consume, buy,

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    Random Jlissa Thoughts
  4. Laid Down My Life To Help A Friend In Need

    John 15:13
    Greater love hath no man that this, that a man lays down his life for his friends.

    I always believed this meant completely giving up our lives. Being willing to jump in front of a bullet for a friend. Admirable but something I was not willing to do. Family yes, friends no!

    Although I want to get to that point.

    But today I read this verse and realized it means more than that. It means overcoming selfishness, putting your friends above

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    Words From God That Uplift Me
  5. Sowing to The Spirit----About fasting

    This was taken from one of the other forums. And when I saw it, I knew it was God telling me to stop playing. Get to fasting.


    If you want to turn the dream God has given you into a reality, you must sow into it. And one of the most powerful ways to nurture your God-given vision is through prayer and fasting.

    The Apostle Paul shared this important lesson: "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever

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