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Yes they will be very random thoughts

  1. Loving people again

    I just watched Oprah's life class and I was struck by her term "Energy suckers." I understand the concept, but I always called them vampires. People who seem to suck out your energy. Now I have a better term, lol.

    My fast is going well. I bought a case of Oreos for Halloween, and even though they were really tempting, I controlled myself. Although the people in my house didn't.

    This week I've been feeling so much joy and happiness. Because I feel completely ...

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    Random Jlissa Thoughts
  2. I can feel my dream happening!!

    This week has been good. Today I received unexpected money in the mail. And received another brand new printer. And welcomed someone else into my home.

    And today I began thinking about all the funny things happening to me. When I started my first fast I wanted to be left alone. I wanted quiet time to pray to God, and work on my issues. A couple days after starting it, an acquaintance needed a place to stay.

    Now I started my 2nd fast, and another person needed a place ...

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  3. My Journey To Now Part 2

    And I clearly heard God say----" That is Your husband." And this really depressed me. For days I kept asking why.

    I had recorded the sermons, and I kept replaying them. And listening to new sermons. And I learned about God. I used to read the bible when I was younger. I knew and loved the stories. But once I grew up I stopped believing. Because I thought God was mean, and angry, and revengeful. And I didn't want to believe in a God that was like that.

  4. My journey to Now

    A series of sermons about marriage brought me back to God. Last year all I wanted was a divorce. I thought about it hourly. I dreamed about being in the courtroom. I imagined what it would feel like to be free. I only wanted to talk to my husband, if it was about divorce. Divorce was the promised land for me.

    Then one day I happened to catch a minister on t.v speaking about marriage. In 5 sermons, he spoke about the hardships his marriage had been through. He spoke about hating
  5. What a weekend!

    This has been a weekend! Every day I feel God's love working in my life. I used to take it for granted, but now I'm learning how to appreciate it.

    First, I re-learned how amazing my daughter is. She was able to do something good for someone who stole from her. And when I asked her why, she said " because you told me to." It feels wonderful to know that she still follows my advice. She's everything I dreamed about and so much more.

    Second, I learned I really
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