1. GOT a Weave

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    And Iam really happy with it

    My Strategy is to hide my hair this entire winter
    and Massage that wonderful sulfur mix into my scalp a few times a weeks
    For optimal Growth

    I will take breaks in between installments
    But go right back to the weave

    MOM did this when I was younger... Hide my hair in braids then as I got older she hid them under tracks so I know that my hair doesnt mind ...
  2. shoulder-length plateau

    Iam over it... Ive been an inch from APL to lose it

    Cant beleive Iam still here at shoulder length... Gets me MAD

    I have to get over this hump.... this plateau and reach APL and Beyond


    Iam sure that the issue has been my hair porosity

    Low Porosity sucks

    It refuses to let any moisture in

    So I get stuck with dry straw-like brittle pads for hair