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  1. There Are Hairdressers Who Will Not Touch A Clients Hair

    The increase of women deciding to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, as well as the adornment of protective hairstyles-such as braids, weaves, dreadlocks and extensions; has caused an explosion of matted tangled hair issues. These issues have unfortunately revealed that not all hairdressers care about hair.

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ID:	804There are numerous debates online and out of the ordinary opinions among hairstylists ...
  2. 2 Years Natural Hair Journey

    Check out my Two LATEST YouTube Videos About My Hair

  3. My Simple Hair Regimen

    I wash my hair 1-3x a week (depends on the time of day). I air dry my hair 100% of the time and on average I'll flat iron my hair 4x a year. As of now, I no longer roller set my hair due to my own laziness and frequent washing. Now for the regimen:

    Prepoo: using organic ACV spray mix or NJOY Sulfur Oil.

    Shampoo: my scalp w/ organic kelp & ylang babassu shampoo bar or african black soap bar. I cleanse 2x.

    Condition: currently w/ an organic honeysuckle ...
  4. Flat iron for motivation

    Just as I was starting to get frustrated with my natural hair, I decided to flat iron and my thickness is more than motivation to keep it up. Here are my pics.

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  5. Photoshoot Two

    Partially blow dried, washed, and detangled.
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