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01-05-2015, 05:42 PM
Well I can say I have seen an improvment in the health of my hair.:giggling: Althought I did not meet my goal of Waist Length:sosad: I will be still growing in 2015.

01-12-2015, 01:12 AM
Well I can say I have seen an improvment in the health of my hair.:giggling: Althought I did not meet my goal of Waist Length:sosad: I will be still growing in 2015.

Improvement in the health of your hair is a great precursor to getting the length that you want. Guard those ends jealously. Let's do this! :yahoo:

01-26-2015, 04:07 PM
Well I can say I have seen an improvment in the health of my hair.:giggling: Althought I did not meet my goal of Waist Length:sosad: I will be still growing in 2015.

Look at your hair though! It has grown and health is really what you want, then the growth. I don't know about you but as a girl that had previously damaged locks, that broke my hair where I lost my length that I had before but seeing that health come back, I now know I can get my hair back. Long and strong hair over long and struggling lol!!!!:giggling: BEAUTIFUL JOB! It takes SKILLS to grow healthy hair!:clap2::hug2::yahoo:

01-26-2015, 08:10 PM
Hi! I have not straightened my hair since November (2014). I did do a mock length check in December, where I did the absolute last layer of hair and found that it was at comfortable bra strap. I didn't do the tee shirt or photo thing, as I usually do, because it wasn't a serious check. I really wanted to see where my nape was because it was very badly damaged in 2012. Because I am still transitioning (my hair is finally starting to revert back where the keratin is) and the natural hair shrinks so much, it would be more accurate to straighten my hair. I do not wish to do this until I purchase new tools so that I am not burning my hair to see how much it has grown (that wouldn't be accurate either lol). I do not plan on straightening the hair until March, to give it a well deserved break, as it is finally recovering nicely. When I get into the shower, I pull to check and I've noticed that I do have a section of hair that still hits waist, however I have yet to see this when I'm not in the water...it honestly makes me confused and feel like I'm crazy, but not in a cool Taylor Swift way (haha). This could be possible since my hair was that length before and it broke off rather than being cut and I have not scorched my thick roots in the back (the front is shorter and more damaged, which will most likely become bangs again when I am done). However, I don't know why this elongated length is because it hides in the surplus of other strands.

My regimen has changed a bit, since the season has changed and I've gotten a little more acclimated with my hair being natural again. I don't do things on a weekly basis, I strictly go on what my hair feels like it needs and I've noticed that now, that my protein is so much better and the air is much more dry, that thing is mostly moisture.

I have purchased new items and I'm running out of some old favorites.
NeXXus Pro Mend (I use on my ends everyday at least once)
NJoy's Detox- weekly mixed with Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Clarifier to give me amazing moisture/protein balance to start the week
Luster's S-Curl Activator, which it says on the bottle is safe and good for natural hair and I love it for a daily moisturizer when not co-washing or needing to wet bun (getting low)
Burt's Bees Deep Conditioner is a repairing (protein) conditioner that hasn't wowed me so I am still looking...
ACV and warm Olive Oil- I do this every day while inverting for the 7 days and at least twice a week
Hello Hydration Conditioner- this didn't impress me as much but I do love it to mix with NJoy's Pre-Poo and Seal (I think this would be great for people who don't want their curls weighed down. Probably summer staples, but for now, my hair loves my old conditioner)
NJoy's Pre Poo and Seal (I love mixing this with raw Shea Butter warm...oooo It is like taking those nasty ends to the spa. It give the butter movement and better penetration) *getting low
Natural Shea Butter (almost out)
Cantu Repair Leave In Conditioner (almost out)
NJoy's Long and Healthy Growth Oil (almost out)
Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Repair Conditioner (LOVE)

Scalp massage (twice)
Bunning or silk/satin headcover
NeXXus Pro Mend

Every Other Day
GHE (Green House Effect) without oil
Growth oil massage

Once a month
Egg, olive oil, mayo, yogurt, acv, honey mask
Inversion method

I am looking to try new growth methods since I have retention under control
I also am looking to try coconut oil and Castor Oil

My goals are benchmarked to stay on track

Waist length by April/May (5 or 6 inches from where I was in November)
Hip Bone Length by July/August (2.5 inches from WL)
Hip Length (hitting low jeans) by September/October (2 inches from HBL)
TBL by December 2015(3 inches from HL)

I'm looking for a 12 inches in 12 months challenge because they focus on retention AND growth, which I have finally become more better about as I have moisture and protein. I also like the positivity, no one probably feels as crazy because everyone has that goal....

Overall, on me that is maybe 12 or 13 inches, however, I don't know where I am now, in January and haven't done a length check since November. I am hoping to continue to grow my hair at least an inch a month and retain it. I plan on slowing down growth methods by next winter and focusing strictly on retention. Some may roll their eyes at this goal but, I believe I can do it and I also believe I am a bit past BSL by now. If I don't achieve this, that's okay, my hair will be longer and stronger than it is today and I will know more about it than ever before. Wish Me Luck!

02-01-2015, 05:04 PM
I'm know for a fact that people were rolling their eyes about me hitting my waist length goal that I had the first year. But I did exactly what I imagined I would. Go for it! :great: