View Full Version : TWA/Short Hair Grow Out Thread

07-09-2012, 05:47 PM
Are there any ladies out there growing their hair out and would like to share the journey with some friends? Of course for those of us who desire very long hair, we see others who are already where we want to be and it serves as encouragement - but what about right now? Do you have any "grow-out" inspiration? What are your mini-goals? How are you styling? What products do you use?

I cut my hair in March, and while I desire reaching longer lengths, I really want to spend time just enjoying my short hair - especially in this summer heat! I think this is a good way to enjoy my journey, track progress, and help one another.

Anyone else out there striving to achieve longer lengths or better hair health and need some encouragement and support? Let's meet up here!

All natural, relaxed, and loc'd divas welcome!