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05-31-2012, 12:08 PM
Is anyone else ps'g like a beast? Hiding your hair under wigs and weaves? Suffering from hairnorexia because of it? Or maybe you've BC'd and need encouragement to grow your hair back.

Let's post flashback pics to remind ourselves that our hair is growing, is longer than our minds will have us to believe, or that our hair has once been the length that we're trying to get back to.

Post your pics and share your story.



05-31-2012, 12:47 PM
I've been ps'g like a beast most of my HHJ. Partly because of lazyness, I haven't been wearing my hair out much, let alone flat ironing (what a chore!)

So, I usually suffer from hairnorexia (hair anorexia). During my first year, I was taking monthly length check pics so, I saw my hair growing. Now that I'm transitioning, I choose not to bother my hair as much, especially pulling on it for length checks.

For the longest time, I felt SL (which is what I started out with). I'd have to look at recent pics of my hair to convince myself that my hair is longer than that. That did work. But now that I'm not length checking, I don't have that reassurance and my HL hair feels bsl/mbl in my mind. For that reason, I'm posting flashback pics. To remind myself to stop tripping. My hair is longer than is seems and continually growing.

1 Yrs Progress (2010)
Visualized and realized
November 2011
In this last pic, I had to crop some of my extra weight out of the pic. I don't want any reminders of me out of shape while I'm focusing and working on being in shape.

I've trimmed about 4 inches so far this year, trying to get rid of my bonelaxed ends. I know my hair is still growing and look forward to December's results...and hemline. Grow, hair. Grow! :yahoo: