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03-04-2012, 10:36 PM
So we know when you started your HHJ & your goal. But what is your Hair Story? Why did you start your HHJ? How was your hair before? What made you decide to "go on the grow"?

03-11-2012, 12:07 AM
I've always had lots of hair, but never knew how to do it. When I was 15, my mom allowed someone to do my hair. It was so nice whipping my MBL-WL hair back and forth...until it started breaking off like crazy. My hair was cut super short (think Halle Berry), and I vowed to never ever get a perm again! Fast forward to being an adult, I never knew how to really take care of my natural hair. There were no hair boards, #team natural, youtube, etc. But I always knew that when I was 30 I would have WL hair.

Well, now two years from the big 3-0 and I decided that I was going to really get into learning about my hair. I knew I had to take control since every time I would go to get my hair straightened a SHS would "trim" (read-cut) my hair to SL/or shorter (see my blog for reference-last year was the last time I was going to let that happen!).

So anyways, after finding some forums I came across @ Njoy's sulfur post. That really amazed me, and although I didn't start sulfur right away (I was nursing, and didn't want anything to interfere) I began to start taking better care of my hair. Now I am very happy with my progress after growing out that "trim" from last year and I'm on my way to my goals. Also, now that I have daughters, I definitely feel like I have to learn how to teach them good hair practices.

*Oh, and the only reason I would "let" a SHS trim my hair is that since I knew I had a few splits (I never trimmed my own hair) I agreed to a trim, but never to that extreme. Of course they always turn you away from the mirror, and not being hair savvy I didn't know until it was too late. Also, since I wasn't straightening my hair and only pulling it to length check, I never knew my true length.

03-11-2012, 06:12 AM
My hair story, huh? Well, I've always had pretty thick hair and have been relaxed since I was about 11. I remember my mom talking to me about getting a relaxer like it was gonna be the best thing EVER! There would be no more tugging and struggling with my tenderhead. She put the relaxer in herself. Um, but she didn't know how and just put it in my hair and piled my hair on top of my head like it was going to fall straight. Needless to say, my scalp burned terribly and my mom sent me to a hairdresser for a corrective THE SAME DAY! She blamed it on my sister and said that I had it done the day before. My hair was falling out for months. But...I survived...and continued getting relaxers.

Fast forward to me being a grown up. No real hair skills. I did all my own relaxers. I'd start my touch ups with the roots and then go back over the rest of the hair so that all of my hair was covered, root to tip. And I would let it sit until I couldn't handle the "tingle" any longer. My goal was to get my hair bone straight. :nerves: Of course, I'd blowdry and flat iron my hair until I had it bone straight too. Heat protectant? Moisturizers? Sealing? Not in my vocab. My hair was continually breaking and my bathroom floor was covered every time I did my hair. BUT...my hair was thick so, it didn't occur to me that anything was wrong. :sosad:

My hair never grew past APL (and I mean a barely there, scraggly APL). Every Spring and somewhere around the New Year, I'd get the urge to do something new to my hair. Color or cut or both. It's not like I was really doing anything to my hair. I kept it in a single ponytail that was dry and busted but, you couldn't tell me that. I didn't know better. People made me feel like I had hair when I wore it out. And when I did, it was always flat ironed and bumped under. But, if I was going somewhere special or really needed my hair to look nice, I'd have a stylist do it.

Well, just before the New Year of 2010, I was again complaining that I needed a new look. I wanted layers cut into my hair. So, a new Dominican Salon was opening nearby so, I went to get my hair done and asked the stylist (that I never been to) to cut layers into my hair. I should've known to run when the salon's hot water heater wasn't working. But, I opted to go ahead and have my hair washed in cold water instead of waiting for the repairman to finish with the heater. At the end of the service, my hair didn't look all flowy that's standard with a Dominican hairstyle. And the layering was...well....I paid and left, thinking I had layers but not really pleased. (BTW, this horrible service was at #Millie's Dominican Salon on Austell Rd, Marietta, GA) :tuttut:

The following week, I wanted my hair done for NYE. I went to my regular Dominican shop that was about 30 mins away. The girl asked how I wanted my hair. I told her that I just had layers cut and I wanted her to work with that. She looked my hair over, asked who cut my hair and told me the girl did a terrible job and that she would have to cut to fix the mess. :ill: I let her cut my hair and left feeling like a million bucks!

I posted a pic of my hair from behind on Facebook and a friend asked if I was a member of LHCF or BHM. I wasn't but this is how I was introduced to hair boards. After joining, I decided that having long hair was a matter of deciding that's what I wanted. After all, there were sistahs on those boards with WL hair and longer and threads talking about how to grow hair long. Surely I could do this too. I set my hair goals, started researching the Net like crazy and began my journey to long, healthy hair. The rest is history. :cool:

04-07-2015, 01:08 AM
Hmm. How should I go about this. . . ? :question:
*MOVIE PREVIEWS VOICE* It was the summer of 2012...I mean 2013..
Lol but seriously when I was younger I had my mom cornrow my hair on a weekly to biweekly basis. Hair was not much of a thought to me. But straightening it was nice. I was just upset that flat irons only last a week tops. So when I was offered a relaxer by my mom, I was excited. Note: I didn't know very much about hair then, so I thought a relaxer would only last a month or two, and when I saw my new growth, I thought the stuff was wearing off :lmao: . Don't judge me I was 12. A little after I relaxed, I started thinking about growing out my hair, and during research, I came across the natural hair community. I loved the curls and coils naturals sported, as I never thought much outside of braids for my hair. I was excited for when my hair would revert, until I learned it wouldn't, four months post my first relaxer, right when the relaxer was washed out of my hair. I was really upset, because even before discovering naturals, I never wanted permanently straight hair :sosad: .
Oh and shout out to my stylist who did my relaxed because she low bc'd get hair not long before I first met her and the day I talked about going natural with no clue about relaxers she felt sorry for me and didn't fully process my roots. Oh yeah and she only trims what needs to be trimmed! (Recently went from BSL to APL with a new stylist)
Back to the story
So yeah I only had 3 relaxers overall. October 27, 2013 was the beginning of a transition that still has a ways to go.
Turning point- about 9 to 10 months in I hadn't been really my hair for the past few months when trying to finger detangle only. When I washed my hair in a ball on top of my head (bad mistake) and left my hair under a towel to dry for an hour (another mistake) without any attempt at detangling at all (I need a big mistake eraser now), my hair matted. Luckily over the weekend I managed to untangle the mess, but from there I got a Denman that I still use to this day and started doing braid outs when before I would carelessly wet bun.
Over time I became a SheaMoisture junkie, love using jbco on my scalp and eyelashes and staryed using sulfur 8 two days ago. I hope to bc on October 27, 2015 (by my trusted stylist I spoke of before of course!) with below BSL natural hair and reach my ultimate goals of claasic length and bra strap length curly in time, I dont yet have a set date for them because I'm moreso focused on my transition and this phase of my healthy growth long hair journey. :cool:

05-03-2015, 03:47 PM
Nice story, Jayla. I'm looking forward to watching your hair thrive during your growth journey.