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08-15-2011, 02:05 AM
As I start reading again (LOA books), I came across small things that help me go through my days.
It seems as though I try to hard these days instead of naturally letting the universe do its own work to align things and make them happen.

This is for you ladies to come and enjoy and keep hold of the small things that makes this work.

HTH us ladies stay postive and on top of things!

08-15-2011, 02:08 AM
LOA is defined as: I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

LOA always matches your vibration--whether positive or negative.
The LOA responds to whatever vibration you are sending but giving you more of it, whether positive or negative. Isimply responds to your vibration.
----------So keep your vibes high to the sky, if something doesnt feel right its because its not and you need to switch to something to get your vibes back up. Like for instance dont be on the phone talking with your friends about he say she say and just messy stuff cause thats no good for your vibes and plus overall its negative energy. So if you have one of those friends that only get at you when mess comes around try to avoid her like the plague.

When you make a statment containing the words DONT,NOT or NO, you are actually giving your attention and energy to what you dont want. Simply ask yourself "So, what do you want? "
--------------Always say the postive things. If your running late to work just say "Im going to be right on time...." instead of that crazy "I dont wanna be late, OMG!"

When you go from what you dont want to what you do want, the words change. When the words change, the vibration changes, and you can only send out one vibration at a time. The LOA doesnt remember what vibrations you were send out 5 mins ago, 5 days ago, 5 months or 50 years. Its only responding to the vibes your sending out right NOW in this very moment and giving you back more of the same.

"Postive and negative emotions can not occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must dominate. It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind"---Napolean Hill

To know whether you are sending out a postive or negative vibe, simply take a look at the results you're getting in that area of your life. They are a perfect refelction of what you are vibrating.

08-15-2011, 03:01 AM
This is for the ladies thats having a hard time manifesting their desires.

Step 1: Identify Your Desire with the things that YOU DO WANT and not with the DONTS.

Step 2: Give your desire your attention and chose the correct words.

Step 3: Allow it to happen. the speed at which your desires come to you depends on how much your allowing.....MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

08-15-2011, 01:48 PM
Here are some worksheets that you ladies maybe can find helpful.....

1st exercise is the Contrast Worksheet....on the A side you would put the things you dont like (use a different paper for each category: Career, Money, Relationship, Friendships, Health, Education, or Other),and on the B side turn that statement arround to be postitve. This is an example of "The Ideal Relationship" that came out of the book Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier170