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Tradition of massaging scalp and hair with warm oil on a regular basis dates back centuries. In Ayurveda, combination of oils is infused with combination of herbs.

Making of an herbal infused oil

Technically, this hair oil is a herbal infused oil. There are many methods to make infused oil. We have chosen the following process

1. Choose dry powdered herbs

2. Pour one teaspoon of boiling water over one teaspoon of dried herb powder. Let it rest for about 2 hours so that dried herbs are hydrated.

3. Stir herbal paste into 4 to 5 teaspoons of oil at room temperature and mix well. Hydrated herb particles wil try to sit at the bottom of the pot

4. Start to heat the mixture on low heat. At the onset, herbs will absorb some oil. As the oil heats up, the water absorbed by the herbs will convert in to steam, the herbs will start to exude the absorbed oil. This should be done at a low heat for long time period. Lower the heat, longer the time and better will be the quality of the infused oil. Eventually, the powdered herbs will lose moisture and oils, and become very light. Do not use high heat, it will basically fry and burn the herbs.
5. Filter the oil and discard solids from the herbs.

6. Re-heat the oil on low heat for about 20 minutes to get rid of more moisture. Let it cool
7. Use colored or non-transparent glass bottle or plastic bottle to store oil

A note about ingredients
Remember the recipe

One teaspoon of herb powder + One teaspoon of water + 4 teaspoons of oil

You can make a simple Brahmi oil with just Dried Brahmi leaves, and virgin coconut oil. You can add more herbs and different types of oils to suit your preferences and needs.

- Repair dry-hair, frizzy split-ends
- Cleanse scalp with antibacterial and antifungal ingredients
- Prevent hair-loss, hair thinning, and premature gray hair
- Promote growth of thick hair
- Strengthens hair roots, nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft
- Ingredients will cover hair with color compatible with black Indian hair.

- The massage promotes sound sleep

1. Oil: 1 Cup (20 Tablespoons) Total, broken down as follows:

- Virgin coconut oil: 12 Tablespoons ( cup)
- Sesame oil: 4 Tablespoons ( cup)
- Sweet Almond oil: 2 Tablespoons
- Castor oil: 1 Tablespoon

- Neem oil: 1 Tablespoon

2. Water: 5 Tablespoons
3. Dried powdered herbs: 5 Tablespoons Total broken down as follows:

- Amla Amla (Amalaki) Emblica officinalis Powder: 1 Tablespoon
Dried Amla berry seeds discarded, powdered
- Fenugreek leaves ground: 1 Tablespoon
- Hibiscus Gurhal (Japa) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis: 1 Tablespoon
Dried leaves and petals of red Hibiscus ground
- Bhangra Bhangra (Bhringaraj) Eclipta Alba: 1 Tablespoon
Dried leaves ground
-. Brahmi Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri): 1 Tablespoon
Dried leaves ground
You may substitutes Brahmi with same amount of Gotu Kola Gotu Kola (Indian Pennywort)

1. Combine all the dried herbs in a heavy bottom pot.
2. In a separate pot bring water to a boil. Pour 5 Tablespoons of boiling water on the dried herbs.
3. Let herbs hydrate (soak water) for about 2 hours
4. Pour all the oils over the hydrates herbs in the pot. Stir well.

5. Turn on heat at low so that the oil is warm to slightly hot.
6. Continue steeping un-covered at low heat for 2 to 3 hours

7. Turn off heat. Let it cool

8. Filter to remove all solids

9. Heat oil again to remove more moisture for about 30 minutes on low heat
10. Let the oil cool and store in non-transparent glass or plastic bottles.

- Hair oil should be applied at night before going to sleep so it will work on your scalp and hair overnight. In the morning, you may shampoo and wash your hair
- Hair oil should be applied once a week for normal hair. It may be applied twice a week for dry hair, or every two weeks for oily hair
- Normally, the oil is heated to lukewarm before massage. It is not necessary. However, the oil should not be cold. It should be at least at room temperature.

- Method
- Partition your hair. Dip finger tips in oil and rub in to the scalp. create another partition and repeat the process till most of the scalp is covered. - - - Do not pour hair directly on either your hair or scalp
- Now use young finger tips to massage the scalp in a circular motion for about 30 minutes. This will stimulate blood circulation
- Now use your fingers to oil hair in strands specially if you have split ends
- Put at towel on your pillow to protect your pillow and bed sheets from oil.

- In the morning, wash your hair with just warm water. If you choose, you may shampoo your hair

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I am excited to try this. I take Amla and Brahmi internally, but I want to also use it on my head.