• Herbal Remedies for Growing Long Healthy Hair

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    Growing your hair long
    is tedious and may take months of creative styling and awkward in-between-length hair. If you are anxious to get your hair growth going, there is nothing wrong with trying out a few natural remedies. The remedies suggested below may help you speed up your hair growth to a more tolerable rate. Keep in mind, however, that these remedies are suggested for repeated use---you may not see results with just one treatment.

    Gingko Biloba

    o Gingko biloba is said by herbal practitioners to increase blood circulation to the brain and skin, thereby increasing the oxygenand nutrients delivered there. Increasing blood circulation to the scalp is a good idea if you are trying to grow you hair as quickly as possible. A daily gingko biloba supplement may be able to do this for you.


    o Onion is a popular folk remedy said to stimulate hair growth when it is rubbed on the scalp. Take an onion, cut it in half, and rub the pulp all over your scalp until your skin becomes tingly. Shampoo and condition afterwards to get rid of the smell.
    You can also make a tonic out of half an onion, chopped, some stinging nettle, and half a cup of vodka. Combine the ingredients, refrigerate in a covered container for two days, then strain the onions from the liquid. Pour the liquidover your hair in the shower and give your scalp a good massage.

    Aloe Vera

    o Aloe vera is a Native American folk remedy said to promote thicker, longer, healthier hair. You can try this for yourself by cutting open some fresh aloe vera leaves and massaging the pulp into your scalp. You can also put aloe vera in the rest of your hair for a moisturizing effect.

    Honey, Egg, Almond Oil

    o A honey, egg, and almond oil paste is yet another folk remedy for promoting hair growth. Mix equal parts honey, almond oil, and egg yolk into a paste and massage it into your scalp. Leave this on for an hour. You can wrap a towel or plastic wrap around your head to contain the mess. You can also warm up some plain almond oil and massage it into your scalp for 30 minutes.


    • Basil stimulates follicles and promotes hair growth. This herb stimulates blood flow to the scalp and revitalizes the hair follicles to promote faster hair growth. Basil improves blood flow to the scalp, strengthens the hair shaft and promotes longer, healthier hair.


    • Burdock is a good scalp treatment. This herb encourages faster hair growth by stimulating circulation to the hair's root and is also good for hair-cell renewal.


    • Peppermint helps stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and is good for increasing growth of dry hair.


    • Lavender has been shown to increase hair growth and heal the scalp. Even people with significant hair loss saw an abundance of new hair growth when they massaged this essential oil into their scalp daily for seven months.


    • Horsetail contains a large amount of silica and potassium which strengthens hair and stimulates growth. This herb is beneficial to hair and nails when taken internally, but can also be used as an herbal rinse.

    Olive oil

    • Olive oil restores elasticity to hair for less breakage. It helps moisturize dry hair and is a good carrier oil to mix with essential oils for massaging into hair