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    Published on 08-15-2011 05:22 AM

    "Why Do Some Affirmations *Work* - and Others Don't?"
    -- by Jeff Staniforth

    By definition, an affirmation is a statement repeated time and again either verbally or mentally -- or written down. The words of the affirmation statement - in themselves -when spoken, thought of, or written *without* a pictorial (visualized) or emotional connection -- make a very weak affirmation.

    Affirmations, when worded correctly -- and when emotionally charged - are able to tap into the unlimited creative power of your subconscious mind, ...

    Stop Begging! Start Manifesting

    Do you remember that first spark of hope you felt when you watched "The Secret"? I remember watching it after Oprah recommended it. And yes, the desire that filled my heart, knowing that – Yes, I can make my dreams come true – FINALLY!

    But how many of you soon saw that hope dwindle into frustration? How many of you (and be honest now) started muttering things like:

    - “It seems to work for other people, but nothing's happening for me.”

    - “I’m frustrated that sometimes I can get it to work, but sometimes I can’t. What’s the trick?”

    - “Why am I having so much trouble?”

    - “I think the universe is against me.”

    - “I’m trying very, VERY hard but still nothing is happening!”

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone. About 97% of people also couldn’t make the Law of Attraction work for them the first time round. Think about it, just like anything else, you have to practice many times before you see success. A child doesn’t learn to walk without falling over a couple of times, right?

    Attachment 116 As described in the Create/Manifest the Life of Your Dreams thread, develop an attitude of gratitude by posting and speaking out loud 5 things for which you are grateful daily. And if 5 comes too easily, add 5 more. Your daily lists should have new items and not the same things over and over. So, after you've been doing it for a few days, you'll really have to press in to find new things for which you are grateful.

    What does this do? It causes you to look for the blessings in your life and also allows you to really appreciate them. Over time, you will develop an attitude of gratitude because you'll find yourself noticing more readily the blessings that surround you daily.

    And finally, I'm asking you to share them so that you can boldly declare those blessings in your life and invite more. Don't hide your light under a bushel. Shout it out! Click to join us on this life-changing challenge.

    Divas! It's party time! And you know we love throwing parties. Break out the fireworks and fire up the grill. Check out these party tips for a spectacular 4th of July party! And remember to do all things Diva Style! ...

    Looking for a tasty Fourth of July Treat?

    Light up your holiday celebration and look like a pro with these easy, delicious dessert recipes.

    Red, White and Blue Strawberry Shortcake


    After five dates, two dozen roses, and six walks in the park, you've decided to invite him over for a nice dinner at your place. You've got the wine on ice, candles lit, Floetry playing, and the Victoria's Secret nightie tucked away in your bottom drawer waiting for the right moment to make its appearance --this is not a take-out night! You get the picture.

    Excerpted from The Get 'Em Girls' Guide to the Power of Cuisine: Perfect Recipes for Spicing Up Your Love Life, we've decided to share the recipes for this "So Seductive Menu".

    So Seductive Menu
    This meal pairs well with Chardonnay!

    Oyster Bisque
    Salmon with brown Sugar Glaze
    Sauteed Garlic Asparagus
    Kiss o' Honey Potatoes
    Hazelnut Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

    The recipes for this meal consist of foods that are not only delicious but are known for their amorous effect on the body, which will make it an evening both of you will never forget. *wink*

    A Basic Primer for Complimenting Meals with Wine

    Like a good marriage, wine and food were meant for each other. Each enhances and strengthens the experience of the whole. So why is it so daunting to try to pair foods with wines? Rumor has it that there are hefty laundry lists of rules and regulations that require strict adherence in order to obtain the perfect wine and food pairing.

    Grab a pen and paper to write down rule #1.